EVOO Italiano Huile d'olive extra vierge 100% Huile d'olive extra vierge italienne 1 litre (33,8 onces) Frantoio Del Grevepesa


100% Italian extra virgin olive oil by Frantoio Del Grevepesa. This oil is produced following the highest standards of quality in Tuscany, Italy, from 100% Italian olives. Medium fruity; Delicate bitterness; Medium spicy;

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The Pesto alla genovese, which means from Genova in Liguria, in the north of Italy, is a traditional recipe made with fresh basil, extra-virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese and pinoli


Fresh Basil from Italy
Fresh Basil from Italy Peso Ingredient
Pine nuts for Pesto sauce
Pesto ingredients pine nuts
Pesto Anfossi Liguria
Pesto Anfossi Liguria
Liguria Albenga
Liguria Albenga Pesto

Pesto P.D.O. Protected Denomination of Origin


Genoese Pesto P.D.O. is made with P.D.O. fresh basil

Basil Pesto origin


Genoese Basil P.D.O. follows the rules set out by the product specifications and defines that the cultivation is considered P.D.O. only if performed in Liguria.




Genoese Pesto P.D.O. is made Traditional procedures

Basil cultivation
Basil cultivation

Irrigation is a delicate and essential process that the farmer oversees with great attention.

The harvest takes place by trimming and collecting the top portions of the plants, intact, and with a maximum of 4 leaf pairs, in order to guarantee the tenderness, aromatic character and scent.




Basil for pesto P.D.O. is cultivated in natural soil in Liguria

Basil for PDO Pesto
Basil for PDO Pesto

If the basil used is GENOESE P.D.O., it is communicated on the front part of the label with a distinguishing logo, guaranteeing the uncompromising quality of true Genoese basil,





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