Cacio e Pepe pasta sauce | Cheese and black pepper Crema Cacio e Pepe Pasta sauce


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“Cacio” cheese and black pepper creamy sauce


Sauce made with Pecorino Romano D.O.P. cheese and black pepper, prepared following an old recipe from the centre of Italy. Excellent to season pasta. Lactose-free

Gluten free

Lactose Free

Net Weight : 150 g – 5.29 oz

How to use

Ideal with spaghetti, “cacio e pepe cream” is ready to pour directly over freshly drained pasta. Stirring well before using is recommended. For an even creamier texture, reheat the cream over low flame and stir in pasta cooking water. Try it on crostoni as well.

Where it is produced

This sauce is produced in the north west of Italy in the heart of the Langhe, in Alba in Piedmont (Italy), by Cascina San Cassiano  since 1990.

The Langhe are an extensive hilly system that since 2014 have been officially included in the list of World Heritage Sites (UNESCO);

Our daily commitment is to offer genuine products, preserving the flavor of the ingredients, without using preservatives, artificial colorings and GMO products.

In the production of many of our products we also use ingredients with protected designations of origin such as, for example, the DOCG wines, the balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI and the POD cheeses (Castelmagno POD , Parmigiano Raggiano POD and Pecorino Romano POD ).



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